Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome to another 4th Monday.  Getting the back-to-school itch or Labor Day blues?  We'll we've got a little more MTM fun left to squeeze out of this summer!

At Women of Mystery, I've got pictures from my visit to downtown Philadelphia, PA.

What's as summery as a small-town's marching band performing in shorts? Nothing, says Debra, who writes about Peninsula, Ohio From Skilled Hands.

At Edged in Blue, Jim Winter's exploring Cincinnati-area remnants of the Civil War's Camp Denison near a live rifle range.

Barbara Martin visits Toronto's Ontario Place, where, despite its waterfront location, she sess lots of wildlife from the forests and savannahs.

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Jim Winter said...

Today, I'll be looking at Cincinnati's Civil War camp, Camp Dennison.

Clare2e said...

The link didn't work for me- Please let me know when the post is up on the home page, because it sounds fascinating!

debra said...
My post is up, too.

Jim Winter said...

That link is live now. I posted it here before 8 AM, which is when I normally schedule posts each morning.

Barbara Martin said...

My post is up on Ontario Place in Toronto, a fun summer park.