New Wrangler

Since Travis Erwin, the Texan behind My Town Monday, is stepping down, there needs to be a new wrangler. I've (foolishly?) stepped up. I'm not a Texan, but rather a geeky Michigander. I don't own any cowboy boots or hat. But I'm pretty quick with an URL.

The plan is to corral links here. That's all this pen is for. So, drop a line in the comments if you want to play. (Oh, and if you'll include where you're writing about, please. Thanks!)

All right. Let's get this wagon train moving.

And... I'm all out of puns on that one. See y'all next week.


debra said...

Well, pardner, I'll try to stay on board.

spyscribbler said...

Pretty blog for it, too! :-)

Travis Erwin said...

This site looks great. I can already tell you are going to do an awesome job. Many thanks for taking this on and keeping the MTM wagon train moving forward.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hooray for Clair!

Thanks so much for allowing us to continue something so many people enjoy.


Kathleen Ryan said...

Many thanks to Travis for starting MTM, and now to Clair for continuing the tradition. This site looks awesome.

Kathy Ryan

David Cranmer said...

Damn, the site looks terrific. Good job Clair!

Barbara Martin said...

Clair, you've done a fantastic job setting this up. I'm still game for more My Town Monday Posts and certainly toward a western theme.