Monday September 13th 2010

I'm late getting this up and I apologize. Working to get a post up over at my blog as well. Drop a comment with your MTM post and I'll get your link up.

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Travis Erwin resaddles an old horse and rides off into the Texas sunset with Comanche Chief Quanah Parker.

Terrie Farley Moran of Women of Mystery explains a great organization (supported by a special anthology) that works in towns across the nation to build homes for disabled vets.*

*Such a good cause, we're calling it a MTM. You can sneak stuff in, too!

* *See, I even made his link Bengals orange to show good sportsmanship.


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Clare2e said...

Travis- whoops! I didn't see a post, so I started one, and now we have 2. The WoM post and Evil J Winter's are linked in the post below this one. Feel free to consolidate them (or not) as you choose!

Clare2e said...

I take full responsibility for the asterisks, especially the football ones.

Clair Dickson said...

I've got my post up now.