Monday, September 27th, 2010

Welcome to the Fourth Monday. I think of these like the Friday afternoons of the month. We've almost made it! Tell us where to find your MTM post and we'll link it! Remember that My Town Monday is as much a state of mind as anywhere in particular.

In that vacay spirit, Laura at the Women of Mystery hits the September seaside in charming Westerly, Rhode Island.

Debra from Of Skilled Hands gives us pictures and clips of the 2nd annual Music on the Porches in Peninsula, Ohio.

Evil J Winter explains why Cincinnati airport is call-signed for another city and actually located in Kentucky. Ah, Ohio, you bewildering enchantress.

Proving exactly the point about MTM being a state of mind, Travis Erwin examines Texas politics, including some laughably poor reading comprehension and an offer I don't think the pols should refuse.

Barrie Summy posts about a location in San Diego that you probably won't want to visit.

(I can add a better tease than that, Barrie! It's the most massive livestock farm with the least amount of pastoral landscape I've ever seen! But my scaly old pals, Lyle and Lazarus, would've found it divine.)


debra said...

My post is up

Clare2e said...

I love porch singing, and to make it a festival is terrific!

Travis Erwin said...

debra said...

My post is up for Oct.4