Monday, January 17, 2011

Leave a comment if you've put up a My Town Monday post. We're always interested in hearing about your neck of the woods and would love to include you with a link.

Barrie Summy has baby veiled chameleon news from San Diego, CA.

Travis Erwin entertains us with some childhood memories from Amarillo, TX (And if you know Travis, you know this is worth the click through!)


Travis Erwin said...

I have another post up about my childhood. If you squint and lean your head to one side you can call it a MTM post since I grew up in Amarillo.

Clare2e said...

I have been lazy, and today's post is an e-book one! Maybe I'll toss up a quick pic of the bird feeder after the snowstorm? I'll get back to you, Barrie, but thanks so much for the adorable chameleon update!

Barrie said...

Travis, got it!

Claire2e: let me know if I need to put a link up for you later. I'm headed to SeaWorld for a bit, but will be online this afternoon (west coast time).