June 27th, 2011

Woo-hoo! I"m happy to welcome you to another 4th Monday, but the first one of this summer!

I've got pictures at Women of Mystery from all near Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jim Winter's been talking about Cincinnati's, ahem, greatest gift to American culture, after chili, of course.

Barrie Summy's late to the party with a post about the ritzy beach community of La Jolla, CA.

Tell us about your hometown, your oasis, your port in a storm, your state of mind, and we'll update through the day!

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Jim Winter said...

I don't have one this week, but last week, I linked to the Queen City's greatest gift to American culture.

Oh, wait. No. It wasn't a chili post. It was about Jerry Springer.


Sorry about that.