Monday, April 12, 2010

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In the meantime, check out these posts!

Juno's Mom shows us Louisville in bloom! Fantastic!

Debra from Of Skilled Hands says the Fairies are Coming to Peninsula, Ohio.

Patti Abbot, with her Detroit Passport to the Arts, shows us the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble.

Here's a heartwarming post from Travis Erwin about his childhood in Amarillo, TX.

See what's cooking in Barrie Summy's San Diego kitchen.

J Winter gives us another update on the Queen City Square


Travis Erwin said...

I have one this week.

eviljwinter said...

They're starting the top of Queen City Square. It will probably be finished on the outside by August.

佑英 said...

用心經營blog,人氣百分百~^^ 加油 ........................................

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Hi Clair,

I have one coming up for this Monday, April 19 at It's about my visits to Southampton, Long Island, NY, over the past 8 years....not the usual touristy things, though...I'll leave another comment when you post the 19th, I was afraid I'd forget to tell you, so while I'm here, I figured I should let you know!