Monday, April 5, 2010

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Barrie Summy posts about community theatre at OnStage Playhouse in Chula Vista, CA and mentions yesterday's quake!

Juno's Mom joins us with a post about Louisville (welcome!)

J. Winter writes about Opening Day in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cathi at the Women of Mystery posted about Macy's Flower Show

Clair takes us "Up North" in Michigan


eviljwinter said...

It is the High Holy Day for Cincinnati: Opening Day.

Junosmom said...

Hi! I posted about Louisville over on httP://

Cathi Stoler said...

I posted about the Macy's Flower Show on

Junosmom said...

I have this coming week's post up. I'm glad to get back to writing MTM posts. I used to post on Travis' site all the time, and for awhile, hosted for him. But when it switched to here, I somehow missed the boat.

debra said...

I'm on the boat with Junosmom :-) My post is up, too